Professional nurseries

Professional nurseries

Tuff is a leader in development and production of dedicated substrates for professional nurseries, the result of cutting-edge research and innovative solutions. In over 50 years of developing products and solutions for nursery professionals, we have amassed tremendous knowledge of growers’ needs alongside expertise in plant and root health. Our unique professional nursery products are appropriate for various plants and uses in a range of climatic conditions.

Tuff’s R&D division includes top-tier agronomists with inside-and-out knowledge of the plant and horticulture industry. Our team is available for consultation, guidance, and support in all facets of nursery cultivation alongside precise adaptation to your needs and the cultivation challenges that you face.

Tuff’s substrates for professional nurseries are divided into three product families: Rám, Odem, and Zohar, all specifically adapted in their consistencies and weights to the various areas of cultivation. Our professional-grade substrates contain off-the-shelf compounds, or can be tailor-formulated to your plants’ properties or requirements. Various types of peat, coconut, and tuff serve as our main raw materials, to which we add one or more growth accelerators, aerators, and root improvers.


Our professional nurseries products:

Potting Soil

Ram substrates

Zohar substrates

Odem substrates

Seed plugs


Coco Peat

Tuff Lava Stones

Pine Bark

Organic additives



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