Zohar line includes a range of potting mixes to be adapted to your propagation needs while taking into account:
– Your propagation techniques – seedling, cuttings, or in-vitro plants.
– Rooting requirements.
– Tray model and cell dimensions.
– Misting & irrigation equipment- droplet diameter- the ability to control air humidity and substrate water content.
– Target use: in house or long trip delivery for remote clients.
Zohar propagation substrates are defined by soft texture for an easy tray filling. it’s structure will encourage rooting and will ease the hardening process.
Some of the compositions contains additional starter fertilizer for robust rooted plants. Zohar’s pH is about 5.0 the substrate is sold in 70-liter bags (60 bags = 4.2 m3 per pallet).

Examples of Zohar propagation substrates:
[Zohar 4] for herbs, perennials and strawberries.
[Zohar 6] for herbs, perennials and strawberries with enhanced water retention.
[Zohar 2] for geraniums, roses, Woody Shrubs and grevillea/spider flower.
[Zohar 44] – steam disinfected, Used for seedlings invitro plants and cannabis
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