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Tuff A.C.S.’s history begins in 1972 when a series of studies proved that tuff lava stone, until then mainly used in the construction sector, enabled vigorous root development. 

The utility of soilless culture was in its infancy, and knowledge was still limited. Combining entrepreneurship with in-depth academic research, Tuff A.C.S. turned tuff lava stone into Israel’s most popular horticulture substrate.

During the 1990s, acres of flowers, vegetables, and spices were moved to cultivation on tuff in detached bedding. 

Further down the road, Tuff A.C.S. expanded into professional nurseries and gardening, offering a wide range of products adapted to the changing needs of each plant and crop, and became Israel’s leader in the development, production, and marketing of potting soils and substrates.

In 2014, Tuff inaugurated a new facility covering 12 acres, and invested $6 million in advanced technology, and today is considered Israel’s most advanced substrate and nursery supplier.

In our 50 years in the plant and soil industry, we have developed a range of products specially designed for specific crops and climatic conditions, all adapted for advanced agri-techniques.

Not only does Tuff’s agronomic team have vast knowledge in various fields of cultivation, including vegetables, berries, citrus, deciduous fruit, cut flowers, and field crops, but we share it with our customers by giving them comprehensive support and guidance alongside precise tailoring of services and products to all of their needs.

Our main raw materials are peat of various types and coarseness’s fractions, CocoPeat, Tuff Lava Stone, perlite, and pine bark.



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