A sustainable or green business is one that has minimal negative impact, or even a positive effect, on the environment, community, economy, and society. 

When businesses fail to assume this responsibility, their activities can lead to environmental degradation, inequality and social injustice. Therefore, at Tuff we make extra efforts to:

● Incorporate principles of sustainability into each of our business decisions.

● Supply environmentally friendly products that can replace conventional products.

● Be “greener” than the competition.

With sustainability in mind, when developing a new products we always ask ourselves the following questions:

● What specific crop it is meant to service?  

● Are there already products that can be modified to fulfill this purpose?

● Can we produce it by leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint? 

● Can it be made from locally available materials? 

● Can it be made from agricultural or industrial-organic waste? 

● Can the byproducts of the manufacturing process be used down the line?

● How long can it serve its purpose?

● What can be done with it after that it has served its purpose? 

● Can it be repurposed?



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