Odem substrates for shrubs, trees, and perennials.
Odem substrates are designed for greenhouse and under net large containers plant production. Odem line contains a range of compounds specially designed for the professional grower while taking into account container volume and desired weight, plant species, irrigation technique, water quality and fertilization needs.
Odem line of substrates contains light peat in range of course to extra coarse fractions, cocopeat, Lava stone and perlite or polystyrene foam as an option. Odem’s unique advantages:
• Contains organic substances combined with tuff lava stone for improved drainage and root elongation throughout the full volume of the container.
• Long-term structural stability; re-wets easily after drying.
• Odem line will not shrink even after a long growing period under warm arid weather as occurs in many peat-only substrates.
• Standard pH is 5.5, and can be also modified to special needs.
• Contains starter fertilizer, Some compounds contain control-release fertilizer or compost as per demand.
Odem potting mixes are offered in Jumbo bags (1.5 cubic meters), or in bulk.

Examples of Odem potting mixes
[Odem 153] for shrubs, vines, and woody cultivars grown in 3 liter pots.
[Odem 172] for shrubs, trees , and woody species cultivated up to 18 months in large containers.
[Odem 171C] for cannabis grown in large containers



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