Ram potting mix: professional-grade bedding and indoor substrates.
Ram substrates are designed for pots and containers up to 7 liters. compositions are tailor made to fit the grower needs.
Ram substrates combine precise proportions of various peat types, coco-peat and Lava-stone fractions so as to enable flexibility in irrigation and encourage root elongation when filling the pots, enabling a longer shelf life of the finished product.
Ram potting line substrates will shrink less and resist less to rewetting even after severe drought, which are well known issues with peat based substrates.
Ram’s default pH is 5.5, but we can adjust it to any level you require. Additional range of starter fertilizers; controlled-release fertilizers are also available.
When choosing potting mix, take the following into account:
• Pot volume and desired weight.
• Cultivar and its requirements.
• Irrigation method.
• Water quality and fertilization needs.
• Distribution methods used by garden centers and Gardeners.

Tuff bulb substrates
Tuff offers two different structures intended for bulbs growing:
Seasonal, fast-growing bulbs – These substrates contain various combinations of coco-peat and and peat-moss fractions to impart uniformity and rapid growth.
Special Peony substrate – structured to encourage rapid summer growth, Its soft, yet stable texture supports the bulb’s swelling and strength, leading to multiple, strong flowering branches throughout the following spring.
Ram potting mixes are sold in 50 liter bags (70 bags = 3.5 m3 per pallet); 70 liter bags (60 bags = 4.2 m3 per pallet ); Jumbo 2 m3 bags; or in bulk.
* Ram 8, 28, 38 are offered in 7.2 m3 compressed big bales to be extracted by a peat breaker.

Ram potting mixes
[Ram 7] peat only for bedding plants in trays.
[Ram 8] peat and coco-peat substrate for bedding plants in 12-15 cm pots.
[Ram 28] fine texture peat and coco-peat substrate for beddings in trays.
[Ram 38] high air content for indoor plants, sensitive varieties, Strawberries and Cyclamens.
[Ram 157] coco-peat based for beddings in trays and 12 cm pots.
Ram 255 peat-moss only for strawberries hanging system.
[Ram 222] for medical cannabis growers.



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