Vision & Mission


In a world in profound conflict between increasing human population, famine, and rural degradation on the one hand, and the urgent need to re-establish a healthy ecosystem on the other; a world that yearns to halt pollution, save water, and assure food security, our vision is to be part of the global effort to assure sustainable and affordable growth while transforming farming into a controlled, clean, and profitable business conducted in harmony with mother earth.

Our vision is to provide products and services to help farmers around the world to improve their yields, give added value to their crops, and drastically decrease harm to our environment.


Our mission is to develop and manufacture substrates from recyclable materials that are proven not to harm our environment. To that end, we invest in discovering new sources of organic waste that can be turned into raw materials for manufacturing substrates.

Specifically, we invest in advanced technologies for the processing of substrates that will both reduce CO2 emissions and increase our capacity to control the quality of our products. We strive to produce substrates that will perform exactly as desired according to the crop for which they were designed. Our substrates are engineered for specific geographic regions and weather conditions. Moreover, we educate toward use of substrates to:

● Decrease soil-borne pathogens.

● Save energy and resources by enabling more efficient use of water, nutrients, and pesticides.

● Optimize and maximize crop production by using specially designed products for specific crops.

● Minimize rural degradation and pollution.



Hobby & Landscape Architecture


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